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6 Ways Business Travel Can Grow Your Company

When was the last time you travelled for business? Let's face it, we all know that backpacking around the world, experiencing new cultures and meeting new people has a ton of benefits for the leisure travelle. But, what are the benefits for businesses travellers? In this tight economy, one of the first thing that companies cut is their travel budget. The biggest problem with business travel is cost, especially if you’re a small business. CEO’s just don't see the benefits of travelling to do business. After all, why would you travel if you can do business over a simple video call or email? To those who are a little sceptical of business travelling, here are 6 ways business travel can grow your company.

Increase your company’s reputation

Consider the question,

If a tree falls in a forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

The answer is quite simple, if no one is around to hear it, then there can't be any sound. Social Media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram give you the opportunity to make a sound and lets others know of your presence. Travelling for business can be the perfect opportunity to show followers your brand’s personality and to share engaging content, such as photos of colleagues by famous monuments or hanging out with the locals. This can make your company feel more human and show your followers that you are interested in more than just sales and money.

Build relationships with prospective customers

In a tough economy, it can be tempting to keep communications centered around video calls and emails to save money. However, this can make it difficult to maintain relationships in the long run. A study on the value of face to face meetings found that meeting someone face to face is key to building long term relationships.

Develop your employees

Just like leisure travelling, business travelling can also benefit the individuals. One of the biggest benefits of travelling is the people. Meeting new people and experiencing the new culture not only improves your employee's interpersonal skills, but also inspires them to think creatively. So back in the office, they’ll be ready to provide fresh new ideas to old problems!

Increase sales

The best way business travel can grow your company is sales. Being away from the office doesn't mean your sales have to drop. You can take this opportunity to meet new customers and gather their feedback. With any luck, you might even discover a whole new customer base that you never thought of! Tapping into a new marketplace can give you an endless opportunity of increased sales, profits and even lower costs.

Lower employee burnout

Doing the same thing day in and day out can get a little boring. One way to make sure the daily grind isn't so “daily” is business travel. If you feel like your employees are slacking off, then maybe a little business travel is what they need to get motivated. After all, motivated employees are productive employees!

Give you the competitive edge

Depending on the industry you work in, not all companies travel. Take advantage of this weakness by forming unique partnerships and growing into markets where your competitors have not even touched. You might even become the first in your industry to use international travel as a competitive advantage.

Remember, there are many ways business travel can grow our company. The success of your company depends on your ability to travel. Travelling may seem a little pricey for companies, but the potential benefits are much greater than the cost.

Are you planning a business trip abroad? Or need some more advice on how business travel can grow your business? Please contact our team of travel experts at United Travel for some friendly support on business travel.



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