United Education helps people regardless of ability, age or background to reach their goals through the support of the highest quality education available.


Based in Birmingham City Centre & Sutton Coldfield, we have been successfully tutoring pupils for many years, helping pupils to prepare for all types of exams such as Entrance Exams, GCSEs & IELTS. We provide students with individualised learning to meet their needs and to suit their abilities.


Our exceptional tutors are committed individuals with a passion for education and a strong desire to see children develop.

We gather feedback meticulously from every family/students we work with so as to ensure the lessons are as productive as possible and that you are happy with the way the course is going.


Not only do we help your child to reach their full potential but also help to improve their confidence. Most of our students come to us through recommendation

Services we provide:

• Children & Adult Tuition
• Chinese School – for all levels and ages
• Preschool, Primary, Secondary, 11+, SATs, GCSE, A Levels, Universities, IELTS, Languages, Dance
• Schools & University Admissions Services
• Holiday Schools
• After School Clubs

联合教育是一所非盈利的教育机构,自成立至今,一直为居英人士服务,致力为学生、家长提供优质的课程。我们为学生提供个性化的学习,专科专补,帮助学生准备各类型的考试,如入学考试,GCSEs和IELTS考试。我们的导师不但经验丰富, 对教育充满热情, 更乐于接受家长的意见,以确保课程内容契合学生和家长的需求。




2.中文学校 -适合各个年龄

3.学前班,小学,中学,11+,SAT,GCSE,A Level,大学,雅思,语言,舞蹈









电话:0121 666 6682



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